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Oftentimes a company using a name in their business for years does not take the time to apply for trademark protection for their name; thinking, it's too expensive or it's too time consuming.  Let me clear that misconception.  A trademark application can be acquired for as little as $395.

protection even if you do not have a trademark


Even if you have not received federal protection for your mark, you are still protected under the law.  If you are experiencing any difficulty using your own trademark in commerce, there might be an easy fix.

is someone using your business name


Even if you have not applied for and received trademark protection, you may still have the right to demand that a competitor stop using a name that is confusingly similar to yours.  Don't lose business and allow this to happen.  This might be easily resolved, but don't put it off because then you might lose your legal rights.

application for trademark


Applying for protection of your business name is easier than you think.

protection of trademark


Protecting your trade name is imperative.  Don't sit on your rights and allow others to use your business name.  Find out your rights!

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