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The term pro se really means a self-represented litigant, it is Latin for "in one's own behalf."   Pro se litigants have increased substantially in the state of Florida in the last decade.  Even though there are legal aid organizations many Floridians are not eligible to receive free or reduced fees for legal help for civil legal problems.  Alba Law Office, PA can fill the gap by providing guidance in preparing documents compliant with the Florida court system.

become empowered


There is a great feeling of empowerment in being able to assert your own legal rights.  Not only will you be able to learn what your rights are, but you will become knowledgeable about tips and tricks for research and writing.

avoid pitfalls


There are many pitfalls and risks going pro se that can be avoided if you take the time to meet with Alba Law Office.  Oftentimes, a pro se litigant believes that they are "saving" money by not hiring an attorney; this can be true, but sometimes it can be very far from the truth.  There are the unintended consequences of bringing suit in which a prevailing party may cause you to pay for their attorney's fees and costs.  Call today to review your case.

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You will learn what documents, video, or or electronically stored information (E.S.I.) that you are entitled to.  Not only that, you'll learn the best way to get this information to help your case.



Legal research is a very important part of knowing your legal rights.  You will learn how to research case law and you will learn where legal research is available to you.

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