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Beware of anyone who will use copy/paste with contracts.  There is a lot of information available to business owners through the internet, but sometimes using contracts you find on the internet can actually cause problems.

Custom Contracts

When the Alba Law Office, PA drafts a contract for a client, the most important thing is to listen to how the client works.  Each business operates differently, and a contract should reflect those differences.

The Flow of Business

Alba Law will create a contract specifically designed to fit your flow of business; created to prevent pitfalls and provide the peace of mind that your rights are protected.

contract review

Bring your contract in for a review.  If you are a business entering an agreement with a vendor or an individual with an employment agreement to review, please come in and talk to us or send us an email.

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set up your tax exempt corporation

Take the hassle out of setting up your tax exempt corporation.  Use your time to promote your not-for-profit while Alba Law handles the legal matters.

collect money due you for your services

Don't allow people to simply not pay you for your services.  Contact Alba Law to collect debt for you.

unpaid wages claims

If you have left your employer who refuses to pay you your wages and/or commissions contact Alba Law.  We will fight for you to get what you are owed.

set up your a company for your air bnb

Avoid the pitfalls of renting your property without protecting yourself from personal liability.  Call Alba Law for an appointment on how to set up a protective company.

private placement MEMORANDUM

Are you anticipating providing an offering on an investment?  You will need your PPM, Subscription documents, as well as other documents so that you will be ready when prospective investors inquire.

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